Souped up PC’s

Server motherboard
64 gigs of ram
2 —10 core Intel processors  Xeon E5-2640 2.40 GHz
Audio Technica, Shure, Nuemann and Sennheiser mics
Focusrite ISA 2

Real instruments

DW drums Jazz series
Mark VI Tenor sax 81xxx
Best Brass  Aiola trumpet
Les paul guitar
Martin acoustic

Sampled sounds

VSL entire cube (Orchestra) with MIR pro
Fazioli piano samples by imperfect sound
VSL Imperial Bosendorfer
Entire library of Eastwest sounds
ADAMS speakers
Native instruments Komplete 11
Output library   Substance,    Exhale,   REV,   X loops,   Signal
Keyscape by sprectrasonics
Trillian by spectrasonics
Omnisphere 2 by spectrasonics
RMX by spectrasonics
Waves extensive plug in library
Ample sound product  Acoustic bass,  Acoustic Martin,  Electric guitar
Broadway Big band

Notation device

Sibelius 8